Dine. Save. Repeat.
Earn Discounts on Your Rent, All While Satisfying Your Cravings

Introducing Karla Rewards

Karla Rewards is a Canadian born company with a powerful mission: to help Canadians and US residents build wealth and save on their biggest expense—rent. By leveraging our constantly expanding network of partnered local businesses, registered renters (and soon landlords!) can earn rent-back rewards every time they shop at one of our Karla Merchants

Rent-Back Rewards, Made Simple

Want to cut down your rent everytime you eat out? Karla Rewards allow you to spend and save in three easy steps
Enjoy Good Food
Enjoy everything from delicious meals to a quick coffee from our diverse selection of trusted Karla Merchants
Claim Your Receipt
Seamlessly upload and scan your receipt with the Karla App even on-the-go, designed with our users in mind
Enjoy Reduced Rent
Earn daily rent-back rewards to save big on one of the hugest expenses holding Canadians back

Earn Rewards By Shopping At Your Favourite Spots

Dine at any of our Karla merchant stores and start gaining rent discounts, saving big on your monthly rent while supporting your favourite local businesses


Personalize Your Karla Experience

Find the right plan for your spending needs and claim receipts to earn exclusive benefits
New to Karla? Get started easy with our Starter Plan
Users earn up to 5% back in rent points shopping at any Karla Merchant

No minimum spending required
Best Pick for You
Spending regularly and want to save big? Go Platinum with Karla!
Without our most valuable user tier, users earn up to 10% back in rent-back rewards

10% Users win exclusive Karla perks and VIP Access Tickets

Minimum spending of $7000 required
Want to earn more than Starters but don't spend enough for Platinum? Silver is perfect for you!
Users earn up to 6.25% back in rent-back rewards

Minimum spending of $350 required
Download Karla Rewards App & Start Redeeming Today!
Discover Karla Rewards, the ultimate solution to hassle-free rent payments! Connect with your favourite local businesses, redeem rent-back rewards, and experience a whole new world of convenience.
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